After several years of constant allergies and back and forth with doctors, it was discovered that the main source of my allergies was inhaling toxins and chemicals that most candles emit while burning and that got me into research and testing in my kitchen new ways to have my own clean candles.

Once I started sharing with my family and close friends, the idea and motivation to create a line of non-toxic, high quality and budget friendly candles was born.

Le Coco is French for Coconut, the main component of our candles is coconut wax. This soft, white, creamy, slow burning and sustainable wax inspired the name of the brand and white vessels for the launching Core Collection on December 2019.

My mission is to create natural candles that smell beautiful, bring joy, light your senses and elevate your space, while being good to the environment.

Thank you for supporting this dream and I hope you enjoy all our scent creations.

Burn with love!