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Let's talk wax

The largest component of a candle is its wax and most of the times its quality can be overlooked. Candles can be made from many different wax types and blends.

Some of the most common are:

Paraffin wax and paraffin additives: derived directly from petroleum, emits toluene making it toxic for humans and harmful to the environment.

Beewax: is natural but it's not vegan and like many materials it can be sourced unsustainably. Also, there is potential issue of colony collapse disorder, so we prefer to leave the bees alone.

Soy wax: although is a renewable crop, comes with lots of controversy. Deforestation mainly in South America, and in the U.S. a huge percentage of soy agriculture is genetically modified with increasingly unsustainable amounts of pesticides. Some producers remark that there is no soy wax that is verifiably 100% non-GMO, despite some labels claim it.

Palm wax: has amazing qualities to produce candles but, palm oil is grown and harvested in an unsustainable and destructive matter, wreaking the ecosystem in which is harvested, communities and climate.

The main factor why these waxes are popular in the candle making industry is due to their low cost, ease of production, provide pleasant aesthetic to candles and good scent properties.

When selecting the wax for our candles, the key factors were sustainability, clean burn and great scent throw.

Coconut wax has a beautiful, creamy white color, burns slowly and cleanly and is skin safe. Is a renewable, high-yield crop, harvested sustainably and ethically. Growing coconuts doesn't require pesticides or herbicides, and they are harvested by hand, instead of machines. Coconut oil is obtained thru the natural process of cold press. Is a non-GMO product.

Apricot wax is a high-end and clean burning wax. The oil to produced it, is extracted via cold press from the apricot kernel and, it has the capacity to beautifully balance our coconut wax. Skin safe and nourishing.

Despite higher cost per pound and after careful research and testing, in our opinion the best wax for our candles is coconut - apricot wax.

We hope you enjoy very much our delicious coconut apricot wax blend as much as we do. 

Burn with love!

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